How to Create a PayPal Account Can Withdraw Money in Cambodia

You may recognize Paypal and some may also have a Paypal account and is used for spending on the Internet. Paypal doesn’t allow users in Cambodia country can get some money . In my Blog , I will show how you can use Paypal and will be able to withdraw cash at some mismatch ATM in Cambodia .
First, you must create an account Payoneer. Payoneer payment system similar to Paypal but Payoneer offers users the account of Bank of America. Click the image below to register Payoneer

With the proposed account Payoneer you should have National Card, Passport, or Driving License.And you must use the correct information because Payoneer Payoneer Master Card fans to make sure the machine ATM.

How to create Payoneer
After you click on the Link above to create Payoneer then click Sign Up and press Start Here then enter your personal information so as outlined below

But you can not use a Bank account, you need to click to Verify 2 point-in Email and then type your Online Upload Scanned ID Card.

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