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Your theme includes the ready to use jPlayer Playlists plugin to display your playlists.

You can create an unlimited number of playlist, with self hosted songs, with a custom logo and options for each.

For each song, you can set “buy” links to itunes, amazon or your own store; You can upload an artwork for each track and even allow free download for chosen songs. Awesome, right?

And there is more!  You can share your hosted custom player’s url or embed code by simply clicking on the “share” icon on the top right of the player.

Any playlist can be embed anywhere!!! exemple here

The player can also be opened in a popup window, and the playlist can be set to repeat and/or shuffle.

The orignal jPlayer script has been improved and boosted to allow you to manage your songs easily.

This plugin also include a widget to display any playlist directly in your sidebar.

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